Thai eating culture

The identity of Thai eating culture can be found in its incredible variety. “Samrab ahaan” (สำรับอาหาร) or “khap khao” (กับข้าว) means that a whole lot of different dishes is being served as one meal. 

Every meal is always a meticulous selection of dishes, aiming to find the right balance amongst the particular dishes.

Thai Eating Culture

If we have a closer look at the dishes above for example, we get a pronounced sour flavour from “Gaeng Som”, a salty touch from “Plaa Gra-bawk” and a slight sweetness from “Tom Gathi Plaa Muek” which nicely interacts with the spiciness from “Nam Chub Johrn” and the freshness of “Phak Nor” (a variety of fresh vegetables).
Such a composition of dishes illustrates very clearly how our previous generations already knew how to create a meal that is both, rich in nutrients and delicious in taste alike. – Fascinating local wisdom…

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