Our tropical garden

Since we moved to our new place, hidden in a remote part of Koh Samui, our tropical garden has become an important part of our everyday life. Being a crucial part of the cooking class, the garden with all its natural benefits also contributes so much to our own well-being.

Tall trees, coconut palms and loads of bamboo make for a truly a tropical ambience – a beautiful treat for body and soul. Depending on the season of the year we are growing fruit, vegetables and herbs, which we often use for the cooking class as well. For example there are plenty of galangal, ginger, turmeric, different kinds of Thai basil and bananas.

Seasonal Ingredients

Depending on the season we get vegetables as well: long-beans, several kinds of Thai chillies, Thai eggplants, coriander or tomatoes, just to name just a few. When having a closer look there is just so much to discover in our jungle-like garden.

A very special part of our garden is my “plant nursery”, where I raise small plants until they get strong enough to continue growing in the open space of the garden. In recent years I have also been experimenting a lot with composting methods. I’m happy to show you how we reuse and recycle all our kitchen and garden waste and what methods we use so they would turn into high quality compost for our vegetables.

Our Testimonials