Be content with less…

Stress, hustle and bustle and always more and always faster – this seems to be the concept of our modern lifestyle. Being part of a global business society even the calm and laid-back Thai style of living has adapted many of those highly questionable aspects. Contrary to this hectic and often unhealthy lifestyle I created this cooking class to give my guests, my friends and also myself an opportunity to step back, to take a deep breath and enjoy some of the things that have real value in life – some of those are definitely health and the food we are consuming every day.

All of this is happening in the relaxed and calm atmosphere of my home. Instead of mass processing I’m rather focusing on individual treatment and especially on taking care of each other. With doing less, turning away from quantities I want to add more value to my friends’ and to my own life.

You are what you eat

Be honest: How often do you really take your time and try to eat in a conscious and mindful way? How often do you really taste what you get served on your table? Our health and our body are highly influenced by how we feed ourselves. Our physical health is furthermore directly connected to the balance within our mind. Developing a balanced and content mind is impossible without taking care of our health and what we eat.

On a Thai menu you will find a variety of ingredients which will definitely help to contribute to a healthy lifestyle. A digestible mix of delightful rice dishes, soups and salads focusing on a vegetable- and herbs-based cooking style has influenced already the health of generations in a positive way.

In Ying’s Thai Cooking Class you will learn how assorted herbs and spices can increase your physical wellbeing. In a relaxed atmosphere you’ll see how easy it is to raise your awareness towards the way how and what you are eating.


Health is the highest wealth. Being content the most precious treasure. Love is the best friend of the heart and smiling the biggest joy of all. – Asian proverb

To keep our body healthy is our duty. Otherwise it will be impossible to develop a strong and clear mind. – Buddha

What you think, how you behave and what you eat will influence your life during your next 30 to 50 years. – Deepak Chopra