Laughing, smiling and joking all day long she is representing the spirit of Ying‘s Thai Cooking Class. Born on Ko Samui, studied in Bangkok she used to work many years as German and English speaking tourist guide on her home island. Back to the roots, back to basic was the main idea, the main inspiration for this individually held cooking class. Quality instead of mass processing and fun instead of stress – that’s what she has put in the main focus of her lifestyle and working ideology.

Born as a member of a traditional South-Thai fishing family he has experienced already many changes on Ko Samui. With his calm influence everything seems to be at ease, he is the place where everything and everybody turns to come to a rest.

Coconut farming was the main business of her family. Coming from this original Samui island background she contributed probably the main part of the know-how you’ll get to know at her daughter’s Thai cooking class. Balanced and always smiling she is representing the kind soul of the family.

It wouldn’t be Ying’s Cooking Class if there weren’t the sweet little kitties around the house. Observing the scenery and the cooking bustle they are tiptoeing around the house. If this activity is getting too hard for them they change back to their favorite mode – the sleeping mode…


Welcome to my home! In the south of Ko Samui, away from the beaten touristic tracks, you‘ll find close to the little fishing village of Hua Thanon the welcoming atmosphere of my parents’ house surrounded by a tropical garden in the backyard.

You will join me on a tour across our local fresh market where sea gipsy’s (chao lay) and local food and vegetable traders are selling their goods. While exploring the market I’ll give you already first explanations about common food ingredients as curry pastes and other mixed tropical herbs.