Laughing, smiling and joking all day long she is representing the spirit of Ying‘s Thai Cooking Class. Born on Ko Samui, studied in Bangkok she used to work many years as German and English speaking tourist guide on her home island. Back to the roots, back to basic was the main idea, the main inspiration for this individually held cooking class. Quality instead of mass processing and fun instead of stress – that’s what she has put in the main focus of her lifestyle and working ideology.

Ying's younger cousin is the "good soul" in the background. She is preparing many visible and unvisible things that it takes to keep the cooking class running.

It wouldn’t be Ying’s Cooking Class if there weren’t the sweet little kitties around the house. Observing the scenery and the cooking bustle they are tiptoeing around the house. If this activity is getting too hard for them they change back to their favorite mode – the sleeping mode…