Welcome at our home...

It's me, Ying! - Born in Ko Samui, when it was still a remote island of fishermen and coconut farmers, as a little girl already I was fascinated by the diversity of Southern Thai cuisine.

From my parents, I have learned the small and big secrets of our local cuisine to pass them on for you now in our laid-back, educational and great fun cooking class.

Our Thai Cooking Class

Cooking with dedication! This has been my motto ever since. Taking our time, preparing our food with love in order to be aware of what and how we eat.

This is exactly how the cooking class at our home looks like. We are starting off with an extensive market visit with lots of background information and insight into the local lifestyle. Here we will together select fresh ingredients for our dishes. We will get some more fresh herbs and veggies during an interesting walk around our on-site garden. Here I will also show you how I grow vegetables and herbs myself and how we use composting methods to improve the quality of the soil.

A day in typical "Samuian" local atmosphere...

When cooking at our place, you will be visiting our home - hidden in the jungle of the off-beat southern part of the island. In our classic southern Thai vintage house you can experience a day full of local lifestyle. With 2 to 3 participants per day, I stick to my principles of a slow life so I can individually take care of our guests. Taking our time to feel, taste and touch all bits and pieces - that's very important to me.

A natural and genuine cooking experience

Furthermore, it is crucial to me that you experience how easy it can be to cook with natural ingredients from the market and the garden. Using "real food" instead of artificial flavours, you will feel that our dishes are not just super-tasty, they are very healthy on top of that. My personal emphasis is on typical Samuian delicacies and dishes, some of those you won't even find in any restaurants around here.

Join us for a unique experience full of local family-like atmosphere that starts in the morning and lasts until the afternoon. A day to relax, to slow down and to simply enjoy.

I'm looking forward to seeing you.