A day with Ying...


The classes are held in German or English language from Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm. Pick-up times from your hotel are about 15 to 30 minutes before the class starts. Before the actual cooking session starts we’ll explore the local food market of Hua Thanon, where you’ll get the first insight into the vegetables, herbs and spices we will be using.

Furthermore I will show you how some of those herbs are growing in their natural environment in my dad’s garden behind our house. As part of the actual cooking class we will prepare and cook four different typical Thai dishes which is including one tropical-tasty dessert. In the local Samui-style ambiance of our home you can enjoy the wonderful tastes of the Thai meals that you just have cooked by yourself. Also a special natural refreshing drink is included in your Thai cooking experience. 

Contrary to the widespread habit in Asia‘s cooking culture to use chemical flavour enhancers (glutamate) I will show you how to get the maximum of taste from our ingredients in a natural way.

Quick Info

Price: 2.400 THB per person

Number of participants: max. 4 per day (5 or more participants is unfortunately not possible)

Classes held in German or English: Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm (often a bit longer - depending on the dishes we are cooking) - The class is a whole-day activity.

Pick-up service: depending on the location of your hotel about 15 to 30 minutes before the cooking class starts 

Included services:

transfers from and back to your hotel (all around the island)

detailed tour across our local fresh-market (approx. 45 min) with many explanations worth knowing

walk around our own backyard garden with interesting details about growing of tropical vegetables and herbs

very flexible menu - we don’t have preset menus

preparation and cooking of four typical Thai dishes with detailed explanations about our traditional methods of cooking

high-quality ingredients fresh from local vendors with no extra charge for costly ingredients as big prawns or fresh fish for example

cooking with high-quality and healthy coconut oil instead of the usual vegetable oil

eating your dishes in a local living ambiance, many insights into our local southern Thai lifestyle

natural refreshing drinks

When booking Ying‘s Thai Cooking Class you can feel free to tell me about your personal cooking preferences (vegetarian for example). One important hint: Don’t eat too much for breakfast – you won’t regret it…


Children from an age of 12 years upwards can take part in the cooking class already. For reasons of safety (frying with hot oil, using sharp knives etc.) children under an age of 12 cannot actively take part in the cooking. But of course they are very welcome to come and join their parents, watch and assist them while cooking and enjoy delicious Thai dishes together with them.


From May 7th until including July 10th the cooking class will remain closed as we'll treat ourselves with a longer time-out . During that time we will be travelling across remote areas in Africa so we'll not be able to answer e-mails or messages via facebook.

But also during that time you can contact us. From the beginning of July we will again be able to respond to messages and booking requests regarding cooking classes from July 11th onwards.

Thank you very much for your understanding.