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A traditional, private cooking experience

Since I have been running cooking classes on Koh Samui and especially during the last few years I designed our private Thai cooking class especially for all those who want to get a deeper insight into traditional and classic Thai cuisine. The variety within Thai cuisine in its original form is seemingly endless. Many generations ago, our ancestors developed an incredibly huge pool of knowledge about fascinating dishes that impress with their balanced taste and amazing complexity of natural ingredients.

Their original methods of preparation and their deep understanding of the characteristics of various tropical ingredients have made Thai cuisine one of the most appreciated culinary heritages. The more I deal with these old-style and traditional cooking methods, the more I feel how important it is to maintain this original way of cooking and to pass it on to others in my cooking classes.

Just as an example, we are cooking on charcoal stoves like locals used to do decades ago. Also  we prepare ingredients by using many of those old and traditional cooking techniques. Join our extensive but at the same time laid-back cooking experience in which we get to literally feel herbs, spices and so many more ingredients with all our senses.

Hello there!

My name is Ying

I was born on Koh Samui and got in touch with our traditional local cuisine already as a little girl by observing my dad and my grandpa who are/were true cooking enthusiasts. Since that time the fascination of Thai dishes and that incredible variety of tropical ingredients gradually turned into a passion.

Since 2013 I have been passing on bits and pieces of this passion and that knowledge, that comes along with it, to Thai food enthusiasts from all over the world.


Private cooking classes: max. 2 participants per day
Cooking classes in English language: from 9.30 a.m. to approx. 4.30 p.m. 

Price: 3,400 THB per person
4,900 THB for single participants
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